Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

05.03.17 | 06.03.17
Good habits (this is one of them)

“..I have gracefully restored routine n it consists of fresh air, a view to what the eyes can see through my bedroom window, I watch bodies maneuver invested in their daily more than I would like to admit, don’t like the way the cold season is this near, spring is a favorite day everyday, despite the moods here n there I have a fascination with new life, I love the rainbow but prefer the purple in it, associating its syllables with words that feel intoxicatingly happy, even though the world tells you dedication to what’s gender appropriate given pink blue, femininity n masculinity does not lay in colours of the rainbow, it is embed in your characteristics as a human being, do not forget this, I have this ambiguous love for flowers, the way they grow with the love of mother earth n nurture I find living existence that exist in the external of our beings its as incredible as imperfection, I don’t like the way we can easily lie, dishonesty is the best kind of honesty when it comes to karma, when even the universe wants to teach you the difference between defiance listen to its truth, the earth has existed long before you were even conceived, I’ve pondered the fact that no one can tell me chili is not the best way to make anything taste this sweet, senses come alive when kings invest their narrative about their perfect imperfect, when they become this honest it is the sexiest way to impulse this body when it comes to first impressions of temptations you can not tell me otherwise, I have gracefully restored routine into this body many times, learning to befriend uncomfortable, living with this mental state that progressed faster than I could stop it infesting the family inside this body I have restored routine, it consists of fresh air, a view to what the eyes can see through my bedroom window…”


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