Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

15.03.17 | 17.03.17
“..just in case we forget because sometimes we all need reminding, here’s to getting out of bed n dreaming about the next day..” Otaku..(self)

“..don’t know how many weeks, months its been since, feeling like myself as of this moment n that’s important, my body is back to feeling like I am here, I have managed to grip myself out of the despair inside of this body n I am feeling the aftermath of its manifestation, I’m back to self care which make no mistake also includes catching up on the next manga n frantically scanning the latest anime, as well as my unhealthy updated myanimelist what I’m saying is, all I want, is someone to just come with me n watch a silent voice the anime movie with me, apparently its showing here too, I’ve been dying to see the anime since its pv..” (..stop me I could go on and on..)


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