Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Fitting..(dreaming about tomorrow)

I’m happy dreaming, happily fulfilling my dreams is something that was not always there, had been searching for it a long while back, thinking about what it meant to exist with no purpose, how do we fulfill n continue to exist without a purpose, dreaming allows for both, it hands down creativity, self worth in the form of goals, n self love in dreaming reality, when you hear voices that echo n dismiss its magic I want you to remember, they have not yet understood their powers, there is something so beautiful about how unique we all choose to exist with purpose, if you ask dreamers to use the alphabet to convey what it means to dream, they’ll tell you something that goes like this, they’ll be humble n wisdom something like this, be happy with what you have while working for what you want its like a dream, they’ll say to you there is no feeling that can come close to knowing your self worth when you have found solitude in dreaming about what you’re capable of wanting


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