Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Dishonest..(honest resurrection..)

“When you propel dishonesty like it was a life, you’re only getting ready to release your soul into the plummeting pits of your own down fall, not aware if the anarchy you have, caused for the people around you yourself that you have, inevitable taken your own afterlife, this is how you loose yourself n how you loose, the love of people around you, this is what it gravitates n gratitudes to know what mess you have selfishly shared with the created crowd that thought trusted you, you have taken their last breath you had, indulged to build misconstrued trust n strip them of their morals in order to save yours, you don’t comprehend what it aches to live this kind of pain, this kind of hurt, this love sick sidekick to dishonest, yourself its, suicide, you don’t recognize what you’re doing to your body, in the long fall, you’re taking your own life away n, anybody that has chosen to love you, it will tare you apart the way dishonest likes to massacred itself into these games, you’ll see its faces too many to take meaning to its depth, of their truth, you fall into their hands n think, you understand their emotion, to realize you fell for a dishonest camouflage is the worst kind of selfish love, you can’t help kin, this is as far as you choose to love this close, you can’t give up honesty in the love of the style of love, in the name of kin, you have to show kin that this, earth has existed long before we were even born, watch as she falls to her own down fall, this, this is when your love will come to resurrect her back to us, until then..”


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