Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Heart beats + tell me (what happens when you fall too fast..)

“..its hard, to forget once you’ve indulged this deep into their body, watched how they speak, n felt your heart ache for their heart beat some more, promised yourself that you wouldn’t let this feeling take over, that you wouldn’t fall too soon, quickly forgetting that we do not have control over our hearts, this feeling, choosing to silence it before it gives him meaning, before he becomes memory, once again, they all become past tense, always a painful memory, this is what usually happens when you feel too much, you haven’t told them that they can but, will never tell them they can always have this heart, you’ll hide compliments in the name of humorous seductive flirtation n speak when most charitable, how do you fall so fast, this is not about trust, this is about feeling, this is what happens when you want to know n feel at the same time, have you ever felt that way, that their heart beat incidental along pure curiosity, that this is not temporary, that they are anything but misplaced in the location of your heart, apologized for not being able to speak in their presence too passionately at times, n they, responded with kind words n warm hands, when you feel so full near heart beats it becomes hard to proclaim, that you question each word that escapes this mouth, unsure about your character, your heart beat, what happens when you fall too fast, its too early, you can’t tell now but, he doesn’t notice I have already warned n accepted before he could even understand, is it too much, this is what happens when you fall too fast..”


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