Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

In orbit with vision and time (how do you see it..)

“..what are you doing, I’m just looking at the world, how often we like to see the world for what we experience, n all its riddle, keep it real, how much of its truth do we divine into our daily, can’t take its scandal, how honest do we truthfully choose to be, essence of heart steady, mindful optimistic rhythm, n incredibly intoxicated into our own routine, can you readily in twin multitude of arrhythmic body in single routine, watch how they see this world, find out their super power, don’t complicate this universe its already begging so many unanswered interrogation of ambiguous masses, thrive n tune to your own truth with enough balance, don’t hesitate its meditation, so the next time someone ponders n asks you what are you doing, just submerge yourself into their gaze n softly say, I’m just looking at the world, how do you see it, n watch wonder take over their senses, its intentional..”


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