Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

delete stress like mood trending, said rapper, beats, accustom yourself

“..this be flavor ready, raw consequential remedy, your fight is healing, this be fulfillment behind n inside of this shell, can’t see its scars, watch how it will show you cut throat confidence, don’t get it confused with words that fit so smoothly into boxes, that hide behind weapons, this be healing resurrection without structure, that this shell of a body can with stand its own ground, need no being to tell its beautiful, will watch how it will make shooting stars origami wishes n kiss away the pain, this be compassion in all internal n external hero, revenge is a word best used never, don’t like its conformity, its ability to abide with villains, show us the mistaken wisdom to get our narrative heard, this be fluid, water, truth, drink it up n hydrate yourself on truth, delete stress like mood trending, rapper raw, beats accustom to self, this be..”


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