Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

30.4.17 | 2.5.17
No. Baby.

“Don’t you see it, how these eyes can only see right through you, that it doesn’t need careless words to know how the truth sounds, like, been too many times that you been this, this heart beat, a false illusion, confused about the familiar way- you know, I can see it now, how the eyes can be blind to what they tempt, you’ve let it slip too many times n I can hear the way you’re reaching for another, maybe- your voice is now on the same loyalty as paper cuts, that you’re keeping n speaking all the mismatched words that fit perfectly into unsure, giving reason to late night, voicing words that don’t make quite as much sense, did you think you I wouldn’t find out, that when its been this, it has always been this, I have always chosen to share the begging questions of truth, sometimes with answers when most ready, watching my walls slowly brake down at my feet, that you were so close, all you had to do was look at me n you could tell, its okay, I’m now counting how many times I choose to love myself before another, learning that self love ain’t no fake love when it comes to heart beats, slowly learning to choose myself over bodies that come n go as soon as they can’t taste this anymore, still learning that you can’t easily give heart beats chances even when they tell you they are telling the truth, sometimes its better to let them go n give chance to self love- instead..”


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