Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Keep your love (self love..)

“..keep it, I dislike the way it comes for me like the way words have this way of cutting bodies into pieces n showing all our scars for show, fast track to live n love, seek it, find it in self before any, don’t give it unsteady, never quite right, something must be missing, before you have understood love in the form of you, can’t you see this is systematic, this is cycle, that when you fully understand you is when you will understand love, its not as difficult like we like to complicate, feelings getting caught up in unnecessary feelings, don’t let him slip, think he got upper hand, show him this hand bites back, that you can’t taste exchange words n stop without reason, anyway baby girl forget it you don’t need temporary, remember royalty in the form of loyalty in you, remember that you’re only as lovable as you love yourself first, its true, learn to show your body love before you allow it to be seduced, touched in the same gaze, you might not understand it now, but you’re as lovable as you allow being to love you first, don’t believe me..”


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