Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

6.5.17 | 7.5.17 | 8.5.17
Don’t fall in love with (me, I will love you harder..)

“..don’t fall in love with me, I will write my feelings so beautiful you’ll forgot you were even mad in the first place, I’ll always tell you I love you even when you may not want to hear it from me, I will give you more than any lover you have had, will always be your oasis, soul sensation, whenever you are feeling it all too much I will be yours n we can sit in silence n watch the clock strike by the hours that fill the space around us, I will hold you in my arms so tightly you’ll never think of letting me go, love so hard you’ll think Im crazy, you don’t like crazy so I will tell you I am madly in love with you, that you’re my wildest dreams n this is all true, you will be the only one who gets to see me this love, this heart beat, this vulnerable to you, so deeply into you I can only see what my body wants me to see, you will captivate, n I will show you the passion in captivation, care for you in ways I have not yet found out, you will be a beautiful weakness, the most unbreakable bond is never letting go, do not fall in love with me, I will whisper the good into your ears, words that sound a lot sweeter, n you’ll, watch your super power rush through your vains like a stream of awakened legend, you’ll bask in this love n promise me I’ll never have to watch you leave, don’t fall in love with me, I will love you too hard, n Im scared, you..”


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