Poetry: Melody of being Animate

5.5.17 | 7.5.17 | 8.5.17
Fade..(black boy, black bodies..)

“They come for black bodies, black boys, they forgot about their genocide already, don’t let our brothers grow, will shoot them down, clutch always on ready, no truth to their words, just save my privilege condemnations, see how quickly they form words that are as broken as their history, that they refuse to speak truth so easily, this is what happens when genocide repeats history, are so quick to forgot, can’t see how much blood has been spilt-, you are not allowed to cry, they won’t let you rest, wipe off all this black, when, you take lives like they mean nothing, like a life is nothing, how quickly black boys are taught that their body can easily see heaven from this earth, the day their kin teaches them their life must act like safe keeper, that safe is not shy of clutch ready, that if they speak in tongue the police will use privilege in the form of their last breathe, there is something wrong with a system that doesn’t want to riotously condemn their own practice of weapon, how do you kill so easily, don’t shoot, we are torn families that cry too often for kins bodies been gone after grief of yet another black boy after black boy, how many bodies how much blood, how long until black boys matter, black bodies matter, black lives matter-, we have had ache enough, how much longer is privileged going to take from black bodies, don’t see that privilege so evident condemn to silence of black lives matter like, it was a threat, not hearing the voices of echoing kin, of lost n found families, its as if to say, wipe them out, this is..”


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