Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

6.5.17 | 7.5.17 | 8.5.17
Self love..(body.)


“I wish it would rain forever, so I could show this body that even the sky understands how it feels, solidarity, the same effect, not enough, ease up, steady mediocre, talk to me, of how many times did you actually warn him that this feeling could burn if they get too close, that you’re only capable of loving too hard, that you don’t know like, you only know how extreme it will hit when the feeling burns out of desire n adore, that his words couldn’t have been more captivating, that you remember the way he talks, the way he walks in front of you, n how he wraps his arms around you n you don’t like him leaving, that this feeling stays ever after, that his scent will linger for as long as you are indulged into his arms, what is like when you only know the extreme of both the before n aftermath of inside n outside of this feeling, of how much it causes this happy, call it what you want, it be ruin, ending, too much, I don’t care, I have trust in this body enough to sense that it knows exactly what its doing, that the mind n the body will work together to navigate through this intensity, there is, never no meaning to the way this body will take charge, I wish, it would rain, forever..”


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