Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

6.5.17 | 7.5.17| 8.5.17
have you ever felt that way..(yea I have..)

“..baby, don’t let distance be created in the gap of will, you’ll watch all these opportunities leave your clasp, when your heart is beating this fast over small will its not something to be scared about, this is, simply courage in its strongest form-, I know how you’ll feel, like its almost absurd, raw to the imagination, but let me ask you this, of how many times you have walked out the door without hesitation, that this fear of leaving comfortable will find ways to hide n manifest its self in you, n if I’m not wrong, have you spoken to this body n kindly helped it understand that you have been hero, you have been survivor all in one day, when n where it felt like you couldn’t, like you couldn’t breathe, that anxiety was a sidekick to this hero, a mental hereon, it was the glorified protagonist, did you not find it overwhelming, unable to cope under these stresses did you not seek help, did you practice selfcare until it was ritual, until it was core, routine familiar to this body do you remember, this real hero within self, within love, that this type of hero is never for granted, always appreciated n found pure happiness in the form of both self n love hidden between their merit, now let me ask you again, have you ever felt this way..”


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