Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

8.5.17 | 13.5.17 | 16.5.17
you think Im scared of death, I’ve done it a million times

“My friend of 8 years asks me if I have ever met death, n I look at her n spare her, told her not to joke around, she said that, I would tell her if I did, n I laugh, in that moment I remember thinking Im not scared of death I’ve met it a million times, found it in the form of this body, this illness, these hands, objects that are as confused as its rushed decisions, I have met death so many times n each time I am met with the persuasion of its not your time, you’re not ready, there is so much to create here, you have so much to care for don’t take it all away just yet, think about how he will feel, think about how you will feel not being able to see him again, remembering love in the form of who I call family, death reminding me I know you think this will be nothing compared to the temporary pain but I want you to think about yourself for a moment-, its funny, how you see all the beauty n good in your life once you’re ready to end it all, that all these memories of love come rushing through without a moments hesitation, you have to remind yourself of what you’re worth everyday so you’re able to see it even when you don’t met with death too regularly, so the next time you can..”


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