Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

13.5.17 |16.5.17
relax and take notes

“..come n rescue me, I want to leave this life behind n show that I can do greatness for this body, in co existence give it back to those who call love with my name, I want to do so much within this life, within you-, watch it leave at most, at its best will not try to complicate its freedom realize its potential to always leave, what a beautiful thing, to always feel like you can choose yourself first, that you can relax to your own notes, this melody of being animate, closing our eyes to see which reality comes first, this is a whole mess in one moment, take note, when you allow someone into your life you’re allowing reason to believe, you are allowing respect in the name of their truth don’t tarnish it all away so easily next time, or they won’t come back to your twisted way of loving so easily, next time,- she will choose herself over this, next time, you won’t see…”


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