Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Time (self..)

you, been waiting this long, time is no enemy it is the cross alliance of self and patience, you may hear others and watch their presence become hero before your eyes do not get this confused with your super power, do not watch others and seek yourself, confuse it for worth, do not confuse yourself with worth you’re time, if you look around and see self as lost be very careful of its freedom their are some who do not have this kind of luxury, we are existence of our own time, do not fear what you have right now we are infinite strikes upon this fortune, catharsis that has been bent backwards sometimes, you will not see the value in pain but I promise you will find the lesson buried deep in the inconsistency of the heart, you will not mistake it for anything but precious tempos of time within self, you will see this heart a muse for the way it clings onto intangibles so tight is when you will learn to see the difference between heart and heart ache, so quick to always catch this body, this self-, watch the time, do not fumble its silence, it is a virtue of our own will in the form of duration


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