Poetry: Melody of Being Animate


The human body is a defiant build, it does not like to be forgotten so easily, played so well by others who shame its kindness their words becoming blades before something so sweet watch how quickly they devour you whole, have you ever had someone tell you we belong together weak at words that rest on the crescent of their smile, your happiness bestowed in their being how unfortunate to see how this kind of scene play out your eyes weep for its forgotten happiness so pure, this feeling so weak, careless silly, the heart weak do not flutter at the attempt of words that have broken you you’re not chained to its absolute, watch over this body well, self-care is never a glimmer it is never to be overlooked as conceded learn to fall in love with yourself first what other being breathe into this body, this good body alive that could mimic this kind of love but yourself, look at this being a muse, you’re not to be cheated by those who tell you otherwise.


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