Gratitude Diary Entry #mbili


“Two, I love the way the rain sounds on my birth season, month, I’m able to believe in flowers each spring, a reminder of hope is what I pray for every spring.”

Gratitude is such a beautiful word to me. When I think about what it means I think about hopeful realities. I think about beats, the rain and wearing what I am feeling. I am a proud believer in this because it also buys me time in my own way.

Today is one of those days. I set out goals, the feeling of being able to get the small things together really gets you out of your own head. You start to feeling “normal” writing something like this makes me happy, remedy was on to something when she said to write when you’re also happy. I woke up feeling good because I had work and once it was done I started to get caught up in my mind, so I wrote some goals down using the Ike app it’s amazing I’m obsessed with it for some bizarre reason. I’ve tried other organizing/plan your day apps and none of them have stuck but this one.

I always feel heaps better doing something that involves me keeping busy regardless of how small and how I feel, I try.

Like for instance today I was feeling a little low after work for no apparent reason and my mental health started kicking in so I got out the app and wrote a few things to grab under goals and urgent was to go to the city and take time for myself because since work I haven’t done that since, and I used to do this pretty often.

I’m here now and I know what I am grateful for today. Also, I’m starving I should probably eat too.

Today I am grateful for: Today I am grateful for the Ike app.


Thank You.

Fatma Hussein


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