Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

He told me listen, can you see the way you have been told to be, use the heart to say what you feel there are those that will try to silence your truth but do not be swayed by misconseptions of your self in their words, their words have no truth in this body, you’re the only miracle magic that can say how this body in everything they do not have a right to this bodies motion, feeling, nothing but their opinions in the form of their own facts but they don’t understand that just because you’re not willing to tell them about this body doesn’t mean they know everything about this being, they forget that you’re the breath to your own, nothing but what I want you see is what you will say you see in me, I am not a ‘qurk’ I am what I want you to see and maybe less maybe more.   _Iam the breath to my own, don’t put people in boxes of your own opinions and call them facts


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