Gratitude Diary Entry #tano

” I’ve watched and felt this body go through so much alone, its still learning to trust others and its self more than anything in this world, when you learn to become the rain you also learn about all else that comes with it, you know what it feels like to be hope, and what it feels like to despair, this is how you’re unbelievable strength for a body that it learning what it means to not just exist, but to live with purpose and to rescue itself with loving integrity…”

I tell you how I often begin my days early in the morning with the light breeze and morning sounds breathe through my window, these are usually my best starts to my day, yesterday I forgot to eat and slept through my stomach because I had forgotten what it felt like to be hungry, I was kept wake by my false act of mixing medication with an unwanted diet and it stopped trying to work, I’m learning what I need to do in order to feel its full affects and my body is not really adjusting, the symptoms include, sleep, no apatite, sleep, nauseous and dizzy spells like I was a baby learning to walk for the first time, today I haven’t slept, left text messages on reply and didn’t call back, but I have gained a sense of myself back, staying up all day and night into a quite space can also have its benefits, there’s something really powerful about being able to sit by yourself and be so vulnerable and uncomfortable with yourself up to the point of raw honesty in your type of solitude. I can say I am now making a clear reminder to take my medication more seriously at a strict time as well as change my diet for my health. Its been a great deal of trouble, however, today I am glad for my self-awareness \ initiative to slowly bounce back.

Today I am grateful for: Today I am grateful for my self-awareness \ initiative.


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