My year 9 teacher waved at me once, I never waved back, I just watched her car drive away

Entry 2#

When I was in year 9 I was always tied down to my friends at school and my bedroom.

There was an incident that can never leave my memory. I always remember it so clearly when ever I tell others about this story, and each time my enthusiastic exclaiming is always exactly the same; Because as a child who was still learning not only about herself, how to deal with difficult situations and no confidence to boot, was tough.

This wasn’t the first time.

These two teachers were notorious for always shattering and shaming me whether it be in the classroom for everyone to hear or for my eyes and ears only.

I was siting at a corner with three of my friends with books that we had been asked to pick out of the sticker colour coated boxes.

I started reading the book I chose for the second time and the first few pages didn’t interest me at all, so I asked my friend what book she was reading and if I could read a few pages of it because I was thinking of getting another book anyway.

Turns out I passed the first chapter and I was hooked! So I made my way to swap my book for a more interesting read.

The teachers then called us back to our tables and went around asking each of us what book we had chosen.

It came to my turn and as soon I said which book I had decided on reading, right in front of the class Miss Hamilton had looked at Miss Russel and said

“are you sure she can read that..I don’t think she can” 

Right in front of everyone, then they both looked at me looked back and mind you I could hear every word they were saying and so could the whole class.

It was right at that moment that I had stopped reading all together. I remember feeling so embarrassed and dejected I didn’t even know what to do, I literally just wanted to run to the bathrooms and cry.

Since that day I have only read one book, and is in the stimulating process of reading another.

It’s a healing process.

Tima OUT.


Annyeong, from Australia: This is me taking a leap of faith into the unknown


I’ve been reading this book about constraints you face when you turn 20, its titled ‘What I wish I knew when I was 20’ by Tina Seelig.

She talks about a variety of problems, and solutions that are so simple, it’s literally ridiculous. She wrote this ingenuous book on how to exercise a creative mind. It was strange at first because I found it hard to believe that someone could easily just teach creativity, creativity isn’t something that you learn its something along the lines of talent. But as I read on she challenges you both physically and mentally in having an open mind about solutions to problems you may think are impossible. It took me until chapter 2 to realize that not only is she training and challenging my brain, but she’s unknowingly teaching your brain to have an open solution to everything that you may think is impossible, she guides you into thinking in a different, positive state of mind.

I’m now up to chapter 4, and realizing that I need to change the way I think and do things that I normally would not do because

“without failure how do you expect to succeed” 

So this is me challenging myself, putting myself out there into the unknown.

Tima OUT.