Entry 5: I think it’s inappropriate to educate an African person on whether it’s okay to say/use the ‘N WORD’ even if you are of another ethnicity

Here me out. So a few weeks ago I was in the city with my little sister trying to find some kick’s that she was after, and we were pretty much willing to pay quite bit for kick’s, you know … Continue reading

It doesn’t have a name yet, but this poem is much more than what its title will ever hold.

To her,

I wanted to say thank you, because this year, for your birthday, I couldn’t think of a better present than a poem filled with sincere words to describe the amount of thank you’s I’ve kept hidden in my pockets just for you to one day discover

When I started writing this poem for you it sounded like a love poem, what better way to describe our friendship

I’ve fallen in love with what we have, so special, untouchable there is no being that can ever replace this kind of love, you embody my respect n love to which title best describes everything we share together, from hidden secrets that never stay quite as hidden for quite as long, to each n every way I’ve had the privilege of seeing you grow

From our opposites attraction, to the hours we share our time spent together, regardless of where we are, each others company is like a heroin we crave at least a few minutes a day

So I would like to honestly thank you for this friendship you’ve allowed me to be a part of, thank you for all the other unmentionable shenanigans, for all the times you’ve been more than a shoulder but a back bone with arms strong enough to handle to cradle my hardships, thank you

Thank you for trusting me enough to spill emotion into your narrative, as though our emotions are forever entwine, your tears are my tears, your happiness is my happiness this one of the many ways I’ve concluded our friendship

More than willing to give you what you have given me all this time, trying to always give you more than my being can hold onto, for you to forever entwine me, n me you

Without this friendship, there would not only be a part of myself missing but I would lose something really great, something as unique as the day god carefully moulded n crafted everything tangible with so much detail n just the right amount of comfort n indulgence.

“Happy 20th Birthday Adrianne, I know you’ll have a blessed future ahead of you, I love you gurl.”

Lots of love Fatma.