Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Minority Folk (this is for us)

This is me putting it lightly
How blasphemy gives insecurities lashes
This is where even god has given his permission
That in this lifetime, can you be you n unapologetic

Said that faith is a result of what is clutch
Given all that ugly has thrown back at you
Like it doesn’t know the whiplash of beauty
That it too can be much more than just its
Empty, ignorant, to what colour death looks like                                                                 Recycling religion with its syllables, so it has that ring to it

Doesn’t understand the melody that’s been sang by its oppressors
Understand that there is no longer logic left, once you take out ethics
Barbaric, normalize, dropping extremes while                                                                           Speaking like they know what oppressed stands for
N lets be clear, they don’t

Stance, defend that colour exists
That people of colour exist
Correct them when, if, otherwise so they know
It will always show you its teeth
Give their names to the scars n call them for what it was

They’ll put up a front, ignorant inconsiderate slurs
N you’ll twirl the kinks of your afro with your middle finger
N flip tell them, god sent you

Don’t you get it, as we speak ethics is still being violated
Morals are still being disregarded, calling them too sensitive
Giving them stereotypes too heavy
Segregating too lightly

Making our sisters feel like their beauty ain’t got a chance                                                   Telling our brothers their lives mean, walking too freely                                                       Bullets Zimmermaning their way as families loose family

Do you get it now                                                                                                                                         This is shackled                                                                                                                                             Victim being called wolf

Don’t you see, its all animated right in front of you
As you tune into this world, adjust your remote
Switch its channels, let them tell you what its like
When majority speak on behalf of minority
What generalized narrative starts to sound a lot like…


How will you choose to finish this poem?


Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Thank You isn’t Enough

You know, I look back at how things were
N how difficult everything seemed

That I’ve almost forgotten how to struggle
That there’s still days where I think about
How my everything would have been, if I didn’t seek out remedy
That even in this world, of all the places my body could have chosen to be
Why did it have to be broken

That when I look in the mirror now
I see so much than just a body, much more than I used to
I see survivor, I see heeling, I see saviors, I see so much now

Before healing, everything was full with confusion
I couldn’t make anything out
They all just seemed to be recurring
It was tiring

I look at the people that helped save me without even knowing
That when I talked to them
I felt like, this is who I was, this is who I am
They showed me that there is more to me than just this body

That I’m much more aspiring, compassionate, my presence

I want to let them know that thank you isn’t enough
That when you’ve enriched to this extent, its hard to put into words
Cause gratitude isn’t enough, love isn’t enough, words just isn’t enough

But I want you to know, that thank you
Even when I didn’t thank you so much more

You’ll never come to understand, feel
What ache it has given me to happily heal
That healing is part of so much process
That emotional wreck is part of what it means
N that words sometimes are just never enough

So I’m writing this to unwind, to show you
This is a result of you, kindness can take you many places
So thank you, even though it’ll never be enough

Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

16/06/16, 17/06/16 
Love’s Unwritten Loved


Falling in love, something like
Binding honesty to passion, devotion
So they know what it’s like to be inseparable

Thinking about what it means to feel their heartbeat
Touch, breath, underneath a warm body

To know what trust has to hide, n relief all that aches its warmth

To understand, healing insecurities that rhythm into anthem
What it means when you strum balance n happy in the same metaphor
It means raw unwind

You’ll count the way they smile
As though they have all the answers

You’ll witness their heartfelt ability to light weight each emotional
To pleasure of both comfort, n kind hands
You can’t help but cares all that feels real in your eyes

Imagine, the atmosphere you both create in spite of what is love
Eyes crescent, soft, affectionate enough to climax into heartbeat
But soothing enough to pleasure even the deepest parts of you

You move close to love, give it your compassion
Take love by its syllables, n use this body to show love how you honestly feel


Potetry: Melody of Being Animate

Infatuated Honesty

They’ll come n go, you’ll realize that not everyone is meant to linger for too long, some are just unwanted experience, n others just never quite right, the base of their words never quite honest, from the beginning always capable lies, when you stay this infatuated its never easy to forget, understand excuses, when all you did was offer honesty, n how honesty told trust, n trust chose to disregard, not important enough is what lies start to sound like, there’s only so much we can take, when narrative turns into dishonest, n malfunctions into right, wrong, right decisions, that moment they decide not to text back, n you can’t help but think, but where did you go wrong, n isn’t funny, that victim is made to feel like honesty is never quite honest, that when he lies he makes room for others to victimize, don’t you see the infinite cycle of disappointment, where she will learn to grave trust in both men n herself, that when you lie it mutates into selfish, disrespect in so many forms, look at me when I’m talking to you, don’t you get it, when I fall it’s me trusting you, it’s giving you what I’m trying to always give myself, its burying insecurities, always using a metaphor to explain the way I’m feeling, its letting you in, too close, don’t you know a tsunami when you see it, n they’ll always run, but you’ll remember that being honest with yourself is you being selfless n self-love, you’ll reminisce a you that you’ve come to understand even when your body is trying to comprehend state of mind, n as you start allowing, you’ll narrate, don’t take royalty for granted, n what honesty has started to manifest