Entry 6: Its New Years Eve & I feel like I Need to Get Some Things off My Chest Before the New Year

Location: In my bed room listening to Neyo on blast So yesterday I was thinking about how much I’ve changed since I finished high school, which will be in three years after tomorrow. I couldn’t help but write down what … Continue reading

Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

8/9/15 -20/12/15 M.B.A: Dear Dad, I love you When I look at my father, I see so much love, so much support, I see his pain, I see how misunderstood, I see what they don’t see, which is all the … Continue reading

Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Green Heart |


You’ll never know, think, like how well you think you know me, it never feels right does it, I can hear it in your voice, the red saturating your eyes, as you demand the truth, as you take sides, pleading otherwise, tell me, is it too late to say sorry, I can’t say it’s your lies I’m narrating, force feeding, ideas, imagining, conjuring ideologies, pin point in your black hole lies, twisting my truth, twisting my imagination, now, I’m not being disrespectful, but there’s something about disrespectful,  about monster, about this monster on this narrative, speeching this oppression, scattered broken glass of this jagerd heart, you can’t fix this anymore, this body has had enough, bleeding green, unleashing this hulk like monster, this, uncertain mutation of half being, some days I’m all being, laying my heart to tell you what it feels, tears spilling without its permission, without warning, we never expected it to get this far, but it’s always been hard, to control this body, these tears, this green bleeding heart, beating from the inside out, beside itself, realising all you ever wanted was to be freed

Poem: Melody of Being Animate

Breathless 29.11.15

I wrote this thinking of you 
When I think about the way your narrative has me caught up, in twine to every last breath

You remind me so much of myself, but at the same time, the complete opposite

The way you fumble upon your words, as though they were to come right out of my own, as you spit our story, leaving me wanting more at every climax

You say to let you know when it stops being this real, this magic

But that day, has still yet to never come

Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

#DyingLove 29.11.15

When I think about spending the rest of my life with someone I love
I think they must be someone who is broken

Someone with a puzzle piece constantly missing from their heart
Crying too often, or too much
Someone, who believes going on treasure hunts looking for it’s broken pieces will give them purpose
Someone who, enjoys listening to broken love songs to their violin shenanigans

When I think about spending the rest of my life with someone
I think about how opposites attract
I think about, how in love we’ll be with others imperfections
Drowning into calculated cute gestures, compliments, until we get so far to the bottom

When all we can do is stare into each others eyes, clasping our hands, in twining our fingers and

Dying, for each others love.