Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

4.12.17 | royal temptation (this whole poem is a tease.)

I always find it overwhelmingly intriguing, when the heart gets tugged at this way, you feel it in such a raw and familiar calibre that its almost possessive, how quick the heart chooses a kind of trouble, knowing so well how forbidden it will taste, honeyed, these invisible chains are dangerous to a heart that knows no boundaries when it comes to who it’ll sweeten only for them to touch, glance at and tease, they don’t know this kind of willingness is so much painful and pleasure, so dangerously tempting, its really unfair to make the heart and mind turn want into need this much, watching the way heartbeat speaks only to fantasies about what heat can be done about thier throne to this body, how they can come and drink all of this hydration, to nourish them in ways that can only be teased by the sweetest parts of the mind until they are well fed, which means by me, until we are both full, and watch, how they comand this body, need a heartbeat that can dominate both, both honesty and this, a throne of all this woman and all that royalty, come closer, you can’t possibly be comfortable looking like that, let me help you become a little more familiar with the way I mean


Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Black mothers..(black/melenin)

“..we always give them the name they deserve the respect they need n the love you are capable of sharing with them, when you think about what it means to bare a whole other with the human body no one ever tells that it was difficult, that all the blood rushing through your body is you being super human, that you’re super human, they don’t tell you it was a hard reality, instead they fill your consciousness with memories enough to write your own story, enough to keep you breathing enough to be a metaphor, they share with you so much of their love, watch how they tell you about your first steps, about how you confidently wrote their full name on your bag room tag, that you were the funny one, that you put that smile on her face, that her laugh is because of you, they’ll tell you how, they fought for you n your kin to be rightfully respected, educated your principle said, don’t look at them as a problem put them in their right class, this is how super human is melanated, rushing through her veins, this stream of awakened hero, this hero of black mothers, they don’t tell you black mothers are super human, that they are strong, n pave clear footpaths for their kin, from the day they are born, they don’t echo it loud enough that they teach both compassion n super human to their kin, this melanin, this untitled beauty, this unsolicited beauty, they don’t tell you you’re beautiful enough, your black mother has taught super human that black has to learn beauty even today, that, our beauty is nothing to be shammed that black can look at this shade n feel beautiful, they don’t tell you about super human, they don’t tell you, because they are wanting to learn how to be super human for themselves..”